In a Nutshell: 

Formerly Hannah Carmona Dias.

PB Author of Beautiful, Wonderful, Strong Little Me (Eifrig Publishing, Spring 2018) and Dazzling Travis (Cardinal Rule Press, April 2019)

Playwright of Hansel and Gretel: Candy Warriors.

Currently seeking a literary agent


Theatre Director.

Mama of 2. 







The Longer Version:

Hannah Carmona is a Writer, Actress, and Director who currently resides in Tennessee. She is the author of the picture books Dazzling Travis and Beautiful, Wonderful, Strong Little Me.  She is also the playwright of Hansel and Gretel: Candy Warriors. In addition to writing, Hannah is the mother of two girls, co-founder of Collective Art School of Tennessee, YouTuber, and Actor. Currently, she is a company actor with American Immersion Theatre. In her free time Hannah enjoys binge-watching shows on Netflix and avoiding housework.